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07451223564 or +447451223564

k.t commented 26/06/2018
the person who sent me a message "i got a call of the kids in my orphanage home was involved in a car accident and needs to be operated and the orphanage home dont such money for the operation now" "the cost for the operation is $5000 i will really appreciate if you can help out with what you can please"


02625233927 or +442625233927

charmbrights commented 26/06/2018
Rang me claiming to be from BT Technical Division. The number, of course, does not exist.


01234788446 or +441234788446

David commented 26/06/2018
Asian woman called around 13:00 telling me that BT internet was being cut off. I'm not even with them and surely this is as bogus call, since BT would certainly know their client's numbers.


07881531425 or +447881531425

Sue commented 26/06/2018
Nuisance caller reference supposed traffic accident, hung up when questioned


02036086373 or +442036086373

Ghassan Ashgar commented 26/06/2018
I need to know the owner of this number very URGENT please email:


01513146792 or +441513146792

Rajiv Dahal commented 26/06/2018
I have got a mail from UK Visas & Immigration Liverpool Premium Service Centre. They are claiming that i have to send money through bank to get visa approval details.


07887556344 or +447887556344

Arthur commented 26/06/2018
This phone number belongs to Stuart.


07887556344 or +447887556344

Thomas commented 26/06/2018
This person calls me at random to my mobile in India and tell me that I had called him. I am worried if hes trying to leak data or something of that sort.


01213680377 or +441213680377

Saravanan commented 25/06/2018
i need information


07721731022 or +447721731022

Maria commented 25/06/2018


01788804321 or +441788804321

Terry commented 25/06/2018
Call received today, foreign sounding voice saying something like "this is your internet provider, we will shortly be cutting off your internet, press 1 to get further information". I did the obvious thing - hung up.


07620187620 or +447620187620

bablu commented 25/06/2018
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07990478251 or +447990478251

Wilson frank commented 24/06/2018
I guess its a spam contact details who is making folk of people to take out money from them


01603603500 or +441603603500

Nick commented 24/06/2018
Malicious caller. Very unpleasant


01470302549 or +441470302549

J commented 23/06/2018
Have called every day this week asking for someone who does not live here. Our phone number is new, have only had this number for 3weeks. I have repeatedly told them that that person does not live here and tried to ask them to remove our number from their system, but they just hang up, and then call again. Very frustrating. Can't call the number back and can find no info on who they are.


02035448901 or +442035448901

Henry commented 23/06/2018
The owner of this phone number is Bhargav Sagar Consultant.


02035448901 or +442035448901

Reno Raines commented 23/06/2018
Warning - the number 02035 448 901 is being used by scammers pretending to be BT Openreach. Hang up, and don't give them access to anything!


01315105276 or +441315105276

Louiza commented 22/06/2018
This no +441315105276 phone me and said i must transfer money i said he phone from the private bank of scotland/uk tbey said i won 20 milion rand but i must first pay transfer money before they can reliase my money


07956773483 or +447956773483

Andzrzej commented 22/06/2018
Cześć Kasia co słychac ? czemu nie dajesz znaków życia, odezwij się ! list jeszcze nie dotarł. pisze z kompa z bramki sms Andrzej K


07761246389 or +447761246389

Catarina Reis commented 22/06/2018
I received a text message from this number telling me that was from Paypal, and I should contact them in 36 hours our my account would be closed and they send me a link. (a link that I never open ) i contact PayPal, anyone sends me a message, or there is any problem with my account. i call back to the number and goes to a voice message and looks like romenian or some other language.