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07459169162 or +447459169162

Rhianna commented 03/07/2018
Hi, i would like to know the location of this number, he is always calling and sending messages on my wattsapp number. I would like to know if he is a true man.


07552074664 or +447552074664

Someone commented 03/07/2018
Very rude call


07392618551 or +447392618551

Tina commented 03/07/2018
Fraud no dnt talk to this no...will ask for money


07452411071 or +447452411071

HARINI commented 02/07/2018
Got a blank call frm this number...wonder if it's a fraudster. .beware ppl


01902482103 or +441902482103

Ali Bashir commented 02/07/2018
they have called me


07425652788 or +447425652788

john rodrigez commented 02/07/2018
would like to have


02082021765 or +442082021765

Teo commented 01/07/2018
i've been receiving calls from this number , who is this?! I'm in Greece what the heck


07713400707 or +447713400707

Fatladonamotorbike commented 01/07/2018
Persistent Spam !! My Doppelganger from Russia apparently. And with a blurred out photo that wants downloading. I don't think so !!


01889853763 or +441889853763

Mike commented 30/06/2018
I've received 2 automated messages from this number in the last couple of days. Asks me to press 1 to speak to the engineer or my broadband will be cut off. Needless to say, don't press any buttons and the call will drop.


07860110844 or +447860110844

Gg commented 29/06/2018


01155647419 or +441155647419

dddd commented 29/06/2018
i try to find my friend.


07731458120 or +447731458120

Jenevie pendica commented 29/06/2018
Who's name the owner of this number ? Thank you for the answer.


07459109975 or +447459109975

Noname commented 28/06/2018
I think this owners is scammer


07438484655 or +447438484655

I am from India commented 28/06/2018
There was a call from this number. And I don't know anybody from England, who can call me. FirstI ignored, but call comes repeatedly. Third time I pickedup the call, but nobody was talking from other side. Don't know who and why called me.


02039495503 or +442039495503

Frank commented 28/06/2018
this is spam. 110 complaints.


02039495503 or +442039495503

Margareta Frank commented 28/06/2018
This number keep calling me in Sweden.


02039546474 or +442039546474

Margareta Frank commented 28/06/2018
This number is calling me in Sweden, I will not answer.


07707425115 or +447707425115

Mike commented 27/06/2018
Ment to be a message from paypal saying my account is locked click a link and confirm the account information or the account will be closed in 36h ......been on my account through the web and not on the link and account is fine so be warned think this is a scam myself ....


07749383414 or +447749383414

Craig Hammond commented 27/06/2018
"FRAUD" alert asking for pay pal details


02034641048 or +442034641048

chris commented 27/06/2018
wants to know who called