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02039662955 or +442039662955

Anonymous Old-country people commented 27/08/2018
This number rings me serveral times. I don't know anyone in greater London, so help me on this.


07922297069 or +447922297069

Brook commented 27/08/2018
He is a weirdo and a rapist watch out everybody. He stalked me for a whole year, calling me every day off different numbers and I’m thankful for my life. I have no idea who he is but he lives in Birmingham.


07873073694 or +447873073694

Sanny anzano commented 25/08/2018
He or she Miss call me from philippines


07467713169 or +447467713169

JERRY FRANK commented 25/08/2018


01158389557 or +441158389557

SARBARI DAS commented 23/08/2018


02039505937 or +442039505937

Kevin commented 23/08/2018
Which number is it?


01785539755 or +441785539755

Linda Davis commented 23/08/2018
"BT" calling to say internet connection will be cut off, for help press 1! I am not with BT! Scam.


07840347338 or +447840347338

Satan Claus commented 23/08/2018
Yes, some users have signed this phone number as "Matthew's Media Networks". Website: . Adress: 37 Handley Rd, Cardiff CF24 2HF


07840347338 or +447840347338

Matthew Tyler-Howells commented 22/08/2018
POSITIVE: Mobile phone number for Matthew Tyler-Howells / MATTHEW'S Media Networks. Safe number.


01173256391 or +441173256391

RK commented 22/08/2018
whose number is this

07405805191 or +447405805191

สาวิตรี คำมา commented 21/08/2018
สแกมเมอร์ Scammers โกหก หลอกลวง ไถเงินผู้หญิง เป็นคนไนจีเรีย อาศัยอยู่ที่มาเลเซีย โกหกว่าเป็นคนอังกฤษ


01582030246 or +441582030246

L.Ibbott commented 20/08/2018
20.08.2018 11.55hrs.unsolicited fishing call to mobile Presumed call was about compensation claim about an unspecified motor insurance claim for which the caller could not provide any incident details or date. Caller hung up when challenged


08445899647 or +448445899647

Hani Asadi Hoveizian commented 20/08/2018
On 14th July 2018, reported as being used by scammers to pretend to be Burren Oil & Gas using telephone number +448445899647.


02032866610 or +442032866610

valentini commented 20/08/2018


01582014240 or +441582014240

M Baxter commented 20/08/2018
They called silence upon me answering then they hung up.I called back msg said id called an incorrect number plz try again. Very annoying as im waiting for important medical results so i answer every call.Just thought id let ppl know!


07415893711 or +447415893711

Rahul Mishra commented 18/08/2018
This number is missing


07928035132 or +447928035132

E.Hughes commented 18/08/2018
Message says "You still have an outstanding vehicle tax refund of£148 .84p from an overpayment.


02567942138 or +442567942138

Kate commented 17/08/2018
02567942138 / 256-794-2138 / 2567942138 a text message or phone call - It's a scam - From bogus ‘Computer Software Tech Support’ I just had a phone call off 02567942138 telling me to log into my computer it was going to crash by a global networking company to log in make them a payment with my detail obviously I didn't fall for it, in fact, I told them it was a scam, hang up and report it


02038549423 or +442038549423

V commented 17/08/2018
Need to know


01952500326 or +441952500326

Kevin Baker commented 17/08/2018
Complete SPAMMER. Claims to be your ISP and your getting disconned for accessing Government web sites. WONT follow instructions to stop ringing and bothering us. Even polite requests fall on deaf ears. Reported to OFFCOM.