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02695843965 or +442695843965

Carole commented 17/09/2018
Silent call then the computerised message "Goodbye" Such a damned nuisance when you're busy


09008280597 or +449008280597

Andrew Darbourne commented 17/09/2018
I would like to know who this number belongs to as I was charged £6 to call but do not remember making this call.


02086772000 or +442086772000

Jane commented 17/09/2018
Called on my landline, there was someone there at the other end, but they did not speak. I am ex-directory.


07783511813 or +447783511813

John commented 16/09/2018
Sending abusive text messages I think he's a bit of a coco pop


07537181176 or +447537181176

Olga Sejrkov√° commented 16/09/2018
Wo is du?


07770801146 or +447770801146

Jackie Lee commented 16/09/2018
I had 2 No Caller Id calls late at night and the third call used this no. followed by another NCId call. As I've had my online id compromised I am curious.


02089136083 or +442089136083

D commented 15/09/2018
A recorded voice saying they were BT ? said our internet would be cut off today, any questions press 1 etc.etc. Needless to say I ignored it. Very upsetting. So far today-- internet is okay!


07952924460 or +447952924460

Lori commented 15/09/2018
This person is using my images to catfish people


01923618229 or +441923618229

Satan Claus commented 15/09/2018
There are 461 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed this phone number as "Accident".


01418460149 or +441418460149

Satan Claus commented 15/09/2018
There are 14 complaints about spam on this phone number.Some users have signed this phone number as "Uk Assist".


01610182826 or +441610182826

Ann commented 14/09/2018
Called my mobile at 6.40 pm. Recorded message made to sound like a conversation. Something about a do called accident that wasn't your fault. I've never had an accident! Think this is the number that has been calling my landline recently. Thankfully I have call guardian. Annoying


01610191372 or +441610191372

Annoyed person commented 14/09/2018
another accident claim line, an automatic woman answers. she sounds dumb.


01923618229 or +441923618229

AK commented 14/09/2018
Spamming call centre


01418460149 or +441418460149

AK commented 14/09/2018
Unknown call centre


01131207850 or +441131207850

AK commented 14/09/2018
spam call centre


01844278870 or +441844278870

RQ commented 14/09/2018
this is the originator of the 'Shirley' calling - a recorded voice informing that your IP and Router have been compromised from several countries - Press 1 to be connected to an engineer who can fix it - and at the same time hack your computer stealing your passwords and sending spurious messages to all your contacts. THIS IS A CRIMINAL CALLING YOU


07512104868 or +447512104868

Jayesh Patil commented 14/09/2018
Owner of this number is Ms. Zoe Jones is bloody cheater offer me an foreign investment an cheated me for Rs. 50,000/- An now not answering my call and whatsapp.


01481729695 or +441481729695

M Tailby commented 14/09/2018
This number has phoned several times and never leaves a message.


01811253849 or +441811253849

kamrul commented 13/09/2018


01287923872 or +441287923872

Diggins commented 13/09/2018
Received a call from this number claiming to be from BT Technical Team saying that Internet line was compromised and that I should press 1 for BT and 2 for other providers, I didn't - probably a scam call,