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07741023410 or +447741023410

Debbie commented 21/09/2018
Tryed to scam me for money.


01580616030 or +441580616030

Maggie commented 21/09/2018
This is one of a number of identical calls I have had this week - all from different numbers, in which a recorded message tells me it is BT and that my internet has been "compromised" and they are going to switch it off at once... I always put the phone down at that point, but I am guessing I am supposed to called them back and that is when the scam happens (whatever it is).


07769201855 or +447769201855

mar commented 20/09/2018
no comment


01820565915 or +441820565915

Linda commented 20/09/2018
Automated voice says it is BT and the internet will be disconnected tonight. Then provides options


01990751889 or +441990751889

Harry commented 20/09/2018
Scammer telling me my Internet has been compromised and press 1 for ?, press 2 for ?, etc . . .


01850311696 or +441850311696

Anon commented 20/09/2018
called me "This is BT, your BT line is compromised, press 1 to connect to BT or press 2 to access another supplier ...."


02089617096 or +442089617096

My Name commented 20/09/2018
I was called today from this number. The person on the phone knew my name and said hello (my name) I am going to spam you and put the phone down! London based phone number


01325358052 or +441325358052

I've just been cold called - is it a scam? commented 20/09/2018
Claims to have been from the TalkTalk Technical Department based in London. Hung up when I asked where exactly in London.


02070620405 or +442070620405

an commented 20/09/2018


02081901665 or +442081901665

Jon commented 19/09/2018
Received call from this number. I called back and got a no such number message, although the message sounded fake and was broken and of poor quality.


02033189190 or +442033189190

mutai commented 19/09/2018
you have called me several times whats up


01143993594 or +441143993594

vivino commented 19/09/2018
vivino uk


01617681880 or +441617681880

Ana commented 19/09/2018
No one answed, it was blank and dropped immediately


01140255353 or +441140255353

Anonymous commented 18/09/2018
Unsolicited recorded call about my non existent accident claim.


07940486934 or +447940486934

Lyn Wemby commented 18/09/2018
Continual calls from this number. They do not speak but as they are so frequent it’s a bother


02086128690 or +442086128690

Shafeen commented 18/09/2018
missed 4 calls


02038681869 or +442038681869

Chloe commented 18/09/2018
I have been keep on received this calling from this number. i'm not sure if i should pick up the call, just afraid is a scam call. Please advise. Thanks. Phone no: +44 2038681866


02032856331 or +442032856331

ivan commented 18/09/2018
fake number


07517413229 or +447517413229

Herr Friedel Ottmar commented 17/09/2018
Unautorisierte Nachricht erhalten. Get an unauthorized maessage.


07448948896 or +447448948896

Edward jonson commented 17/09/2018
This person engaged with and collected lots of money from difference part of world..if any body know about hm..please leave massage or mail me