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07732503429 or +447732503429

Anonymous commented 27/09/2018


07791544733 or +447791544733

Elan commented 26/09/2018


01565203482 or +441565203482

Lena Björklund commented 26/09/2018
Did not answer in time and no message


02081256766 or +442081256766

ricthefixer commented 26/09/2018
This number called my mobile. As I did not recognise it, and don't know anybody in London, I did not answer it. It has not tried to contact me again, so it may just have been a wrong number by the caller.


02036956159 or +442036956159

Catherine Dolleys commented 26/09/2018
This number is calling me constantly and when I answer nobody talk to me I don't know what they want from me or why its calling me.


01177492575 or +441177492575

Yanto commented 25/09/2018
Had 2 calls from this number. No response from my hello then a recorded voice said goodbye. Possibly an automated call to detect active phone numbers.


07484887225 or +447484887225

John Fisher commented 25/09/2018
Who is the registered owner of this phone?


01432850010 or +441432850010

Mrs Walker commented 25/09/2018
Just been called by an Indian/Asian sounding woman claiming to be from a PPI company I've never heard of, saying my claim has been accepted and she needs to confirm my details. Let her get as far as quoting my full name/address before asking her to confirm the name of her company. When I said I'd never made a claim with them and where did she get my details from, she just kept saying ok and is that alright! Told her no and put phone down


01960899601 or +441960899601

J.simkins commented 25/09/2018
Indian voice. Claimed to be from BT to say my Hub is letting corrupt Content to be passed to my computer. Asked for their location they hung up,


01874667584 or +441874667584

Ron commented 25/09/2018
Scam not BT technical department


01398915343 or +441398915343

chris commented 25/09/2018
Received a call today saying my BT internet line was going to be cut off today, It is a Hoax


07418323337 or +447418323337

Vinit patil commented 25/09/2018
I want to see, it's fake or real. Because I have caught in trouble


01839776514 or +441839776514

Mike commented 24/09/2018
This is a scam call saying your internet is compromised press 1 for BT press 2 for other providers


01929047633 or +441929047633

Richard commented 24/09/2018
Says from BT and computer broadband fault. Wants computer info Hung up myself Checked BT SCAM NOT BT


05522550402 or +445522550402

Brian commented 24/09/2018
Purports to be from BT regarding a service being compromised


08081695900 or +448081695900

Ram Ranch commented 23/09/2018
Elite Lucky Gamers Ltd owns this number.


07730356213 or +447730356213

el commented 22/09/2018
no message left


07454394301 or +447454394301

TEST commented 21/09/2018


01277886726 or +441277886726

andrew commented 21/09/2018
bad English at best want to give me investment advise. as I am in Canada I would have to say this is some sort of scam


02034094623 or +442034094623

AHMED commented 21/09/2018