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01617681880 or +441617681880

Bojan commented 09/10/2018
Also, nobody answers, just silence


01984196856 or +441984196856

don commented 09/10/2018
Rang, left no message


01584878575 or +441584878575

sylvie commented 09/10/2018
Stop calling the night at home, you still try 3 times and you did it about 1 month ago. If it continues, we will be obliged to warn the police


07584894207 or +447584894207

σακ commented 09/10/2018


07235874565 or +447235874565

Rich commented 09/10/2018
Similar here, when answered hangs up, tried to call back and no. not answered/there. called mr 04/10/18 05/10/18 and today 09/10/18 :-( Bl**dy annoying


02019999930 or +442019999930

IGR commented 09/10/2018
no response when I answered. Annoying nuisance!!


02036086793 or +442036086793

Ali commented 09/10/2018


02002669933 or +442002669933

+442002669933 / 02002669933 commented 09/10/2018
A company called MIB, basically hiring lots of staff with strong Indian accents, asking to verify car accident etc. The moment you said no accident they hung up, rude. Max: "Halo?" Max: "Halo??" Max: "Oh hi yeah sir, how are you? Are you fine?" Max: "Sir myself Max speaking from the MIB, it's the motor insurance bureau, basically it's just a verification call, regarding your very minor car accident within past 3 year i hope you recall that?" Hung up as soon as i said i never had accident.


07235874565 or +447235874565

DC commented 09/10/2018
Same as everyone else, this number called me on three separate days and each time they disconnect on answering. I am assuming they want you to call them back at an extortionate rate. I have now blocked them.


02038109336 or +442038109336

yo commented 09/10/2018


07823614711 or +447823614711

Brian Brooks commented 09/10/2018
This number was used to order and pay for a mobile phone in my name using my credit card details, without my knowledge or permission.


01606744823 or +441606744823

Scam call commented 09/10/2018


02080044871 or +442080044871

Nor Bol commented 09/10/2018
Silent call


07235874565 or +447235874565

Dan commented 09/10/2018
Same here - disconnects on pick up.


07484183806 or +447484183806

Dee commented 08/10/2018
This is a crank caller


07235874565 or +447235874565

Simon commented 08/10/2018
This number has called me 3 days in a row but I didn't answer. I've put it on block now


01610094802 or +441610094802

José Manuel commented 08/10/2018
I live in Spain and I have received a call from the number 441610094802. It has been a very short call, because I have not had time to answer, which makes me think that it is from someone who wants to call him back, which, obviously, I do not plan to do. Be careful if you receive a call from this number, which would be very suspicious ...


01998399836 or +441998399836

John commented 08/10/2018
Answered call - heard subdued voices in a foreign tongue - said "hello" but was not heard - line went dead after about 1 minute.


01131709825 or +441131709825

"Annoyed" commented 08/10/2018
Repeated calls to mobile (now added to blocked numbers)


07306521234 or +447306521234

confuse commented 08/10/2018