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02081283409 or +442081283409

naseer ahmed commented 14/10/2018
To Whom it may concern, I recently receive parking fine which for a VAUXHALL CORSA; 1389 cc registration number is CES53SZF which was sold on 18th of May 2018. Either there is a confusion or I have been a victim of fraud. V5C document was signed and given to the new owner. However, I am still getting letters stating the the car is under my name. I have tried to contact the Mr. Nazir to whom I sold the car to. Unfortunately, all the information I have of him is incorrect and the contact number which was given I am unable to get hold of him on that too. Could you please take an action on this? As this has raised my concerned that I might have been a victim of fraud. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any more information. Kind regards, naseer Ahmed


07448009083 or +447448009083

renjith commented 14/10/2018
got a job offer for carnival cruise


02931854762 or +442931854762

David Holmes commented 13/10/2018
I was called today from this number. It was a woman with a foreign accent telling me her name was "Fiona" and that they were going to terminate my Talk talk internet account because my connection was under attack by malicious forces. Had one like this a few years ago and hung up. There was no return phone call.


07452014582 or +447452014582

Skhumbuzo commented 13/10/2018
I recieve a call what your deal


01559400976 or +441559400976

stefania commented 12/10/2018
chi sei?


02036033210 or +442036033210

Konnie commented 12/10/2018
Someone called Jim Morgan called says he was from financial services and that he was not going to sell me anything. He was however going to tell me that he was investigating some trade firms that has taken money from customer and that I was one of the customer. In his opinion they have taken 7000 euro from me. I said that it is not right. He asked me if we could skype. I said no. He told me he would call me over the weekend with more detail since I couldn't provide him with anything trade relatet. Feels like spam to me.


01612280450 or +441612280450

Ki commented 12/10/2018
Μένω Ελλάδα μου ήρθε μήνυμα ότι με πήρε αυτός ο αριθμός


01164870407 or +441164870407

Anonymous commented 12/10/2018
Cold caller called Emma. Was about "an accident I'd been in recently".


01852645484 or +441852645484

Gam commented 12/10/2018
Somebody keeps calling us (senior citizens) from this number on our landline (01707264884) number several times a week. It's a nuisance, please inform them not to call us (or we shall have no option but tô tell the police)


01557820161 or +441557820161

Paolo commented 12/10/2018


01731710312 or +441731710312

David Wright commented 12/10/2018
The caller told me I was getting many viruses on my computer and wanted me to switch it on. A definite scam


01280128634 or +441280128634

Bill higginson commented 12/10/2018
the caller said we were going to be disconnected ( most annoying )


07441927172 or +447441927172

Lithin commented 11/10/2018
Anybody know these number is genuine


07535408123 or +447535408123

Iceman00 commented 11/10/2018
Touting properties in Cyprus


07947967779 or +447947967779

shaun austin commented 11/10/2018
it maybe a mistake or maybe someone that knew me : its just a watsup video call I get from this number ( I don't know who it is ) just trying to know , nothing serious . thank you


01523242599 or +441523242599

W Holmes commented 11/10/2018
This number has called me numerous times, but there is no reply if I ask them to leave a recorded message. If I answer, there is no one on the line. A nuisance caller but can't be traced.


02087193647 or +442087193647

steve commented 11/10/2018
This is very likely a scam, or at least a phishing/harrassment call, supposedly from "Sky" about an accident, but could not tell me what the date was, ie. not a genuine call at an accident at all. Did not bother calling back, but will report any future calls to the iCO.


01512246200 or +441512246200

Lexi commented 11/10/2018
Who call me from this number?


01632960455 or +441632960455

Tony commented 11/10/2018
Called me on my mobile number. Did not leave a message


02017195246 or +442017195246

David H commented 11/10/2018
Accident scam