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07873024493 or +447873024493

Baamrani Mohamed commented 23/10/2018
Searche numbre


01687875017 or +441687875017

Torkil commented 23/10/2018
Was called on this phone that I have no idea who are. Didn't answer due to being a Norwegian citizen and the +44 and exceedingly long number made me weary of responding


01675238752 or +441675238752

Alfredo commented 23/10/2018
This caller is a scam. He tries to sell you stock services. Be aware !!!


01587700652 or +441587700652

Duncan commented 23/10/2018
Started getting calls from this number. They do not leave a message. I am either out or don't answer when they ring.


01271860258 or +441271860258

D commented 23/10/2018
Adam from Microsoft argued that a laptop is registered at my 86 year old mother's address and there was a problem with it


01674317527 or +441674317527

LEFTERIS commented 23/10/2018
I am Greek and I live in Greece. I received a strange and suspicious phone call from this number! +441674317527 but I don't know anyone in England, I have no friends or relatives there. I didn't answer because I was afraid that maybe it was a phone-trap (scam-phishing). Do you know anything about this?


01588544499 or +441588544499

David commented 23/10/2018
recording of woman's voice saying that our telephone and internet connections are about to be cut off. dial 1 to prevent this. put phone down as was obviously dodgy call


01174090468 or +441174090468

Blackcat commented 23/10/2018
Been ringing me a few times. I don't answer phone if I don't know number so just wondering who they are.


01378195555 or +441378195555

Big Dave commented 23/10/2018
Phone rings when answered it's silent


02004365435 or +442004365435

Calls and drops commented 23/10/2018
Perhaps some scammers


01450762164 or +441450762164

ReleaseTheMagic commented 23/10/2018
01450 762164 are scammers from India claiming to be BT Openreach calling because your router has reported an Internet slowness problem to them. Hang up. It is about time BT tackled this problem instead of leaving its customers so exposed.


01610873559 or +441610873559

Spam commented 23/10/2018
They call me all the time and no one is at the other side


07559700873 or +447559700873

ajayan commented 23/10/2018
am Indian but get lots of missed call from this number .


07392486172 or +447392486172

Xxxxx commented 22/10/2018
A message was sent to me via WhatsApp from +447392486172 saying it wanted to send me information regarding space programme.and an http address. I did not accept but tried calling back the number and got no answer. Whoever it is has got hold of my number and I think maybe phishing for my location.


07513199252 or +447513199252

Ariel commented 22/10/2018


07900906686 or +447900906686

Ryan Smith commented 22/10/2018
Hi Ryan


02071909205 or +442071909205

jerome commented 22/10/2018
who is it?


07435771792 or +447435771792

noname commented 22/10/2018
is a cheater


07471065537 or +447471065537

441273320180 commented 22/10/2018
missed call


02069766290 or +442069766290

Enid commented 22/10/2018
Recorded voice claiming to be from BT and telling me my line was compromised. Invited me to press 1 to connect to BT or 2 for other provider. I pressed neither. Yet another scam.