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01614390465 or +441614390465

Italian commented 30/10/2018
an employee calls on the private cell phone and insults the recipient and the family


07710146936 or +447710146936

Geoff Wild commented 30/10/2018
6 international sms's invoiced for 16th Sept by vodaphone es. No record of these messages on my messenger app. I have no contact with this number.


01654809759 or +441654809759

Roger commented 30/10/2018
This number called me, don't know what the caller wanted. Don't know anyone in Wales that would call Norway. Probably scam +447654809759


07460353872 or +447460353872

Patt commented 30/10/2018
Crazy mad play girl


01949109594 or +441949109594

md sultan commented 30/10/2018 sim


07749862433 or +447749862433

Agn├Ęs commented 30/10/2018
SMS colis en attente


02080893802 or +442080893802

IKJ commented 30/10/2018
This number is fake. SCAM


02087050540 or +442087050540

IMJ commented 30/10/2018
Promised I would get back my money lost in SternOptions. It is SCAM


07557807388 or +447557807388

Aisha commented 30/10/2018
Fraud made with credit card.They rented a vacation villa


02817349210 or +442817349210

JR commented 30/10/2018
Phone rang. Answered thinking it was a call I was expecting but nobody at other end - possibly automated.


07031932448 or +447031932448

Abdul Sattar Bajwa commented 30/10/2018
Dear Bob Talyor, i can provide you polo shirts as you described in trade korea. but you number is not vaild, please contact me whatsapp +92 336 026 1818


07425192011 or +447425192011

Anonymous commented 30/10/2018
This phone number is very disturbing. It surely is a fraud. Can someone block it please or inspect it.


07813586036 or +447813586036

Jahz commented 29/10/2018
Pls I need to know if the number is genuine and the owner of this number, cos I was given the number and I have my doubts if the person is genuine


07803533117 or +447803533117

Mike Bromley commented 29/10/2018
Message sent from this number stating my PayPal account has been temporarily locked and that I have 36H to confirm account info else to will be closed. Comes with link to a dodgy 'PayPal' website. Called the number , surprise surprise, no answer. Obviously a scam


01162768229 or +441162768229

Ron commented 29/10/2018
Number called me, I didn't answer. I don't know anyone in Leicester and I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognise.


07559700876 or +447559700876

tijo commented 29/10/2018
getting daily 10 times more missed calls


07640018471 or +447640018471

Ana commented 29/10/2018
Do not answer or call back. I report as a dangerous number.


01163105197 or +441163105197

loz commented 29/10/2018
Received a missed call from this number. I tried to return the call but it just went through to an automated recording saying "you have dialled an incorrect number".


01551666405 or +441551666405

Call receiver commented 29/10/2018
Phishing caller?


02031921489 or +442031921489

Peter l'Amie commented 29/10/2018
Don't call me again u understand?