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01133204877 or +441133204877

alberto commented 01/02/2020
he send me mail with account of english company solved for reserve hotel and want send credit card number for 2 payment i think is scammar


05577798956 or +445577798956

Nantes commented 01/02/2020
Got a missed call from this number a week ago but just discovered today. Weird.


02037731495 or +442037731495

Garry * commented 01/02/2020
I would like to locate this phone.


01625800535 or +441625800535

Kolist * commented 01/02/2020
Who called me? This number constantly rings and is silent.


02077635160 or +442077635160

Mark * commented 01/02/2020
If you call this number, they will withdraw money from the account. never do this.


01516392446 or +441516392446

Yakshit * commented 01/02/2020
They called during the day and asked grandmother. This is ridiculous.


07513610353 or +447513610353

Barbara * commented 01/02/2020
I called this number, I wanted to know the information, but they were rude to me.


07589822344 or +447589822344

John commented 01/02/2020
Who is this number


02039449906 or +442039449906

solomon Abebaw commented 01/02/2020
I want contact you again


02035196861 or +442035196861

laela commented 01/02/2020
siapa yang menghubungi saya


02087447746 or +442087447746

"windows" commented 31/01/2020
the caller identified himself as staff of "windows", telling me that my computers system is in danger.


07447999887 or +447447999887

Peter commented 31/01/2020
Attempt of extortion!


01612776690 or +441612776690

Klaus * commented 31/01/2020
Fraudsters. Just don't pick up the phone.


02038207749 or +442038207749

Shirley * commented 31/01/2020
Call and ask for a card number. Never say data.


08001836404 or +448001836404

Mason * commented 31/01/2020
This is a lie. They offer goods, but when they receive the money, they do not send anything.


01625800559 or +441625800559

Valerie * commented 31/01/2020
I'm tired of calls from a given phone number.


03450760274 or +443450760274

Alex * commented 31/01/2020
I would like to receive information about this number.


02038076718 or +442038076718

MR VOLKAN O commented 31/01/2020
you who are you ?


01792549118 or +441792549118

P.lloyd commented 31/01/2020
Why are you trying to contact me. ? What’s wrong with leaving a message if important ? . Receive similar numbers all the time, do these callers really lead such sad lives if this is all they do all day.


02039449596 or +442039449596

Garuma Mamo commented 31/01/2020
some one called me by this number before two weeks but i coudn't recognise bse of i was in public transport