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01934836195 or +441934836195

Dave * commented 03/02/2020
This is spam about life insurance that I'm not interested in.


01635283606 or +441635283606

Stuart * commented 03/02/2020
Owner of this number is an insurance scammer


01134679062 or +441134679062

Kirsten * commented 03/02/2020
It was a call from a Deliveroo driver


07939152529 or +447939152529

Carlos commented 03/02/2020


07510511953 or +447510511953

JAK commented 03/02/2020
The owner on this no. is scammer DO NOT TRUST HIM ANYMORE!! He get your TRUST to earn money & to transact to you that he will invest his BIG money in your country but nothing!! Who's this owner so that I will report him to avoid victims..


02126973977 or +442126973977

Keith Meredith commented 03/02/2020
Claimed to be BT


07417444515 or +447417444515

oshadee commented 03/02/2020
i need to contact this mobile user because got few mails by requesting many information about our country and said will travel to here i should booked lodging so need to contact urgently


01865679073 or +441865679073

Murtaza commented 03/02/2020
I am from Saudi Arabia i have receive call from +441865679073 this no they want to open my financial account i don,t know how when i asked a lot of question then they stop call . I feel its fake person to cheat someone.


02080640591 or +442080640591

Asma Gialani commented 03/02/2020
I received a call from this number +442080640591 twice. Will you please let me know. Who's number is this? Please help me out. Thankd


07501304836 or +447501304836

meghan commented 02/02/2020
this is my number! call me


07546419389 or +447546419389

Patricia commented 02/02/2020
Received message Supposed to be EE saying unable to take my latest payment and sending a link for my bank details ?


07680729919 or +447680729919

Praveen commented 02/02/2020
To know


08009524883 or +448009524883

Fannat * commented 02/02/2020
I have missed calls from this number. I don’t want to call back.


01916719973 or +441916719973

Vaibhav * commented 02/02/2020
I would like to locate this phone.


01603983049 or +441603983049

polo * commented 02/02/2020
Who called me? This number constantly rings and is silent.


01792311646 or +441792311646

Nathan * commented 02/02/2020
If you call this number, they will withdraw money from the account. never do this.


08000291779 or +448000291779

Alex * commented 02/02/2020
They called during the day and asked grandmother. This is ridiculous.


07539418092 or +447539418092

Alan English commented 01/02/2020
this is a SAFE caller. You can answer it, the person called me because I submitted a call back request on the medlinkstudents website about studying medicine abroad


08455170336 or +448455170336

GHardcastle commented 01/02/2020
This number appeared on my phone bill at the time I phoned an 01509 number and I was billed as Premium Number although 01509 is not a Premium number.


01133204877 or +441133204877

alberto commented 01/02/2020
he send me mail with account of english company solved for reserve hotel and want send credit card number for 2 payment i think is scammar