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02036310360 or +442036310360

Paul commented 04/02/2020
Fraud number


01234923102 or +441234923102

SHAHIDAHMED SAIYED commented 04/02/2020
this phone number one leady she ask for help i think she faroad


03453511685 or +443453511685

Andrew * commented 04/02/2020
Caller said something about loans, I’m not interested, I just hung up.


03450760274 or +443450760274

Richard * commented 04/02/2020
All unknown numbers calling me are blacklisted.


08001836404 or +448001836404

Hannah * commented 04/02/2020
This number calls me several times per hour, what do they need?


02038207749 or +442038207749

Jennifer * commented 04/02/2020
Caller is always silent and the number is not available for callback


01612776690 or +441612776690

Dan * commented 04/02/2020
Some type calls me day and night from this number


01245968329 or +441245968329

steve brudenell commented 04/02/2020
this is scottish power 01245968329


07829263067 or +447829263067

emily forbes mcdowell commented 04/02/2020
This should be the owner of the mobile phone number, is it correct, Nice greetings Guenther Germany Munich Tel. +49 170 1162311


07976364821 or +447976364821

ria commented 04/02/2020
WIZARD WELSH who claims to be a lawyer in Dubai with a phone number of +447976364821 is a terrible scammer who just collects pictures from girls. Don't believe him when he says he will be meeting you. He's a total freaktard just collecting photos of women.


07771691017 or +447771691017

Melinda commented 04/02/2020
This is a rental scam in Holland. Don't trust anyone by the name of Isabelle Hale +44 7436 879433 Jennifer Keaton +44 7771 691017 Ann Peterson +44 7867 216202


07510507415 or +447510507415

Ak Verma commented 04/02/2020
Who is using this number


02039546421 or +442039546421

jacmydic commented 04/02/2020
annoying. do not call


01865679157 or +441865679157

jacmydic commented 04/02/2020
annoying. stop it


07309235388 or +447309235388

joe black commented 03/02/2020
this is a scammers number spam out of it tried to rip me off on airbnb and other flat share places


07404846782 or +447404846782

cc commented 03/02/2020
I want to understand who own this number


07503998686 or +447503998686

Théo commented 03/02/2020
I confirm what Keuning said.


07418347230 or +447418347230

Aminu Kodel commented 03/02/2020
Some one is using the number trying to get my bank details . be careful when you received a questionnaire of survey via this number +447418347230


01466512128 or +441466512128

JD commented 03/02/2020
This number came up on my phone as called from the United States, it was the way the number was entered ( ‭+1 (466) 512-128‬) after searching it turns out it’s a call from Huntley Scotland...who I’ve had previous calls from using a different number....there’s no one there when you answer and I’m not going to chance calling it back....called me daily for the last week or so but will now block the number.


01133205836 or +441133205836

Laurence * commented 03/02/2020
This number belongs to the PPI call center.