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02035191960 or +442035191960

Claudia Hoffmann commented 06/02/2020
A lady called me from this phone number asking if I hold or did held any money with pension funds in the UK. She called on Feb. 6, 2020 at 11:44 am.


07732487606 or +447732487606

Fortune commented 06/02/2020
This number sent me a text regarding claiming my tax refund


02033182561 or +442033182561

LJF commented 06/02/2020
It is a harassing financial institution who wants me to invest in the market. In other words: a scam


01639758328 or +441639758328

amjed commented 06/02/2020
Need info on this number, who is calling me?


02036775385 or +442036775385

Quadri commented 06/02/2020
Just want to find out if this number is not use by scammers and the number is associated with Oinvest an online bitcoin company. Just want to if the company and the number is genuine +442036775385 and +441517010116


07836364648 or +447836364648

tania commented 05/02/2020
Who called me this morning?


07680729919 or +447680729919

Sri Ram commented 05/02/2020
To Know

07405983012 or +447405983012

​joy commented 05/02/2020
He told me that he lives in Australia


07537182438 or +447537182438

Malcolm * commented 05/02/2020
Judging by all means, this is a call from a call center, and from there they call only with spam


01618149338 or +441618149338

George * commented 05/02/2020
Caller said that he was from Microsoft and I had big problems with the PC, asked me to install the Anydesk program to fix this. Do not believe this is a scammer who wants to take over all the data from your computer


08001836417 or +448001836417

Peter * commented 05/02/2020
These calls are most like scam


07513610353 or +447513610353

Gary * commented 05/02/2020
Caller did not answer me, just hung up after a few seconds


01516392446 or +441516392446

Rob * commented 05/02/2020
Strange calls designed for a call back


07518785545 or +447518785545

Bob G commented 05/02/2020
Called at 09:23 this morning. When answered line was silent except for a background 'hiss' indicating there was a connection. I kept the line open and waited. Several seconds later there was a click and the line went dead. Strange. Not a number known to us, either.


01740600129 or +441740600129

cr commented 05/02/2020
no known ppl from the UK! keeps ringing!


02034816295 or +442034816295

Ken commented 05/02/2020
Keeps ringing


07731879099 or +447731879099

Kos commented 04/02/2020
Claims to be an SMS from HMRC


07512341128 or +447512341128

S Bolt commented 04/02/2020
received a text message from this number stating that there was an issue with my paypal account. This was not a genuine text.


07404829565 or +447404829565

Helfenfinger Helga commented 04/02/2020
ich bin von dieser nummer angerufen worden weil paket von der DSM firma von Togo für mich gesendet wurde . Aber von Togo habe ich keine information erhalten . Nun soll ich noch 180 dollar bezahlen , für etwas das anscheinend schon unterwegs ist . Das ist nicht normal. Ich habe gar keine informationen darüber


02036310360 or +442036310360

Paul commented 04/02/2020
Fraud number