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07706813952 or +447706813952

rion commented 13/02/2020
I missed a call from this number, but when I called back, no one picked up the phone.


01245179081 or +441245179081

Elaine commented 13/02/2020
Rang my mobile, did not leave a message. The number does not seem to take return calls - got a really strange, loud 'pretend' busy signal when I rang it.


07594373978 or +447594373978

Peter Meaney commented 13/02/2020
I got a text message from this number purporting to come from [EE] Stating that they had been unable to process a payment. Instructing me to follow a link to refill all my payment details. I dont have an EE account. I suspected a Phishing exercise. I have deleted the text.


07654001666 or +447654001666

Peter bulmer commented 13/02/2020
Computer voice bt openreach saying that my internet will be disconnected .I'm not with bt.scam!!!


07770989478 or +447770989478

jose commented 13/02/2020
hola quien es ?


07539605368 or +447539605368

ryan johnston commented 13/02/2020
this is my number


07365156957 or +447365156957

Bharat singh commented 13/02/2020
Your Rong


01753806051 or +441753806051

Logan * commented 13/02/2020
Spam number. Do not pick up the phone.


01754879544 or +441754879544

Bantares * commented 13/02/2020
I got a call and introduced myself as a ticket company. I don't need any tickets.


01925320040 or +441925320040

Uran * commented 13/02/2020
This phone number is already tired, constant calls.


02077635111 or +442077635111

Mason J. * commented 13/02/2020
Information on the given phone number is closed. Who knows the information?


03452466410 or +443452466410

Klaus * commented 13/02/2020
This phone number is owned by a vacuum cleaner company.


07535888367 or +447535888367

Sofia commented 12/02/2020
Indicate who owns this phone number.


07925154779 or +447925154779

NB commented 12/02/2020
phishing text abt EE billing


07967549878 or +447967549878

gilmant commented 12/02/2020
Who call me


02035043306 or +442035043306

samson commented 12/02/2020
this phone was calling me at +251930964359 last day what do you need


01271263241 or +441271263241

Dave Moore commented 12/02/2020
Scam phone call 'Your Amazon account is about to be upgraded to Prime and £39.99 will be taken from your bank account, press 1 to speak to an administrator'


01918840317 or +441918840317

Dave Moore commented 12/02/2020
Another attempt at the old internet scam 'your broadband is about to be disconnected, press 1 to speak to an engineer'.


07537182438 or +447537182438

Ivan * commented 12/02/2020
This number is blacklisted. Beware.


01315558989 or +441315558989

Mason J. * commented 12/02/2020
Why do they call in the evening, and when you call back, no one wants to talk.