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02038378965 or +442038378965

Kimberly * commented 14/02/2020
I do not live in London and do not have any acquaintances or family members there, therefore I do not answer and I will not answer these calls


07669353003 or +447669353003

kasun commented 14/02/2020
This Phone Number sending apple x Phone Lottery Massage and winning code number to us from internet and they ask to re sent code number to them . if we sent code number to this number they take phone details and getting money from phone. we cant block this number .


01925320190 or +441925320190

Lynne * commented 14/02/2020
This number called me and hung up when I answered, I want to know why and who it was


01618147559 or +441618147559

Jeff * commented 14/02/2020
Why call me from Manchester if I live in a completely different city


01212441760 or +441212441760

Peter * commented 14/02/2020
This unfamiliar number calls me every hour today, I want to find out who it belongs to


07537182429 or +447537182429

Catherine * commented 14/02/2020
I do not answer calls from this number because I do not know who it is, but I have already received 4 calls today


07895340992 or +447895340992

JORD commented 14/02/2020


01582893969 or +441582893969

Moore commented 14/02/2020
Claimed to be calling from BT Openreach. Yet another phone scam.


01922574344 or +441922574344

Moore commented 14/02/2020
Claimed to be calling from BT Openreach. Yet another phone scam.


02039362917 or +442039362917

Silvia cámara commented 14/02/2020
Con este número telefónico se están realizando fraudes


01970615128 or +441970615128

Rob commented 14/02/2020
Call received in Australia. Caller claimed to be from Google. Hung up.


07966043237 or +447966043237

mary commented 14/02/2020
why u call me a while ago


07935978467 or +447935978467

I am puja Kumari commented 14/02/2020
Quem é você, como é você?


02682154885 or +442682154885

Ok commented 13/02/2020
Fraudsters. Just don't pick up the phone.


07446248375 or +447446248375

Ross Mechan commented 13/02/2020
Why do they call in the evening, and when you call back, no one wants to talk.


02039449941 or +442039449941

Yeshiwondim commented 13/02/2020
you were called me. who are you. or please e-mail with


07887880608 or +447887880608

chris commented 13/02/2020
Addy Did you find him. He has done the same to me. I can help you find him


02036314021 or +442036314021

Steve commented 13/02/2020
Recorded message supposedly from HMRC I hung up as I believe it is a scam


07405550161 or +447405550161

Damilola Victoria osinowo commented 13/02/2020
Lanre his my husband I have not been able to reach him and am so worried


07434963699 or +447434963699

A commented 13/02/2020
I got a call about investmens. I do not live in UK