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07721212610 or +447721212610

Tracey commented 09/06/2018
Unwanted calls


07728417219 or +447728417219

Madison Gardner commented 09/06/2018
Who owns this number? Writes offensive messages of a sexual nature!


02036082484 or +442036082484

filippo commented 09/06/2018
servizi finanziari non consentiti. attenzione


02632125445 or +442632125445

Rita commented 09/06/2018
Someone with a heavy Asian accent just phoned , saying he was from BT, and they're going to cut off our internet connection for 10 days. I told him not to be ridiculous, so he rang off. 02632125445


07882717135 or +447882717135

Meghamed commented 08/06/2018
I advise you not to get involved with these people. Nothing good is not waiting with them. This is a collector for credit.


02003349665 or +442003349665

Seb commented 08/06/2018
This lady identified herself and said that she believed that I had been in an accident, instead of hanging up I lease her on but eventually she hung up, on trying to dial this number back it said unknown number.Fixed phone number in London Greater London England UK +442003349665 or 02003349665. I believe that unsolicited calls are illegal in the UK and this lady was very British by her accent.


08437004164 or +448437004164

Jack commented 08/06/2018
What company is this phone?


07931555055 or +447931555055

Rajhiw commented 08/06/2018
I want to buy this number


07796792465 or +447796792465

Boyfriend commented 08/06/2018
This number called my girlfriend.


07885890869 or +447885890869

st commented 07/06/2018
phone call via skype at 22:00


07379075260 or +447379075260

Theo commented 07/06/2018
This number send to me messages about doing online s*x and send me some links, I don' t really know the intention of this person


07734798965 or +447734798965

baba commented 07/06/2018
i got a missed cal on my phone


01130170146 or +441130170146

Geoff Gladwin commented 07/06/2018
Spam recorded call from parasitic accident-chasing legal company. My number is registered with TPS - why are these scumbags not taken to court??


07709341627 or +447709341627

Jane commented 07/06/2018
I got a call from this number at 5am. I called back when wake up and it immediately hung up.


01147326592 or +441147326592

Cam commented 07/06/2018
In Brisbane Australia - This number called today - We don't answer numbers we don't recognize - no message left.


01130171340 or +441130171340

AT commented 07/06/2018
Recorded call that asked questions as if a person about accident I had not had. Nuisance call.


07815476345 or +447815476345

Adele commented 07/06/2018
Suspicious person


07823692281 or +447823692281

Ellie commented 07/06/2018
Do not engage! It's fraud! This call is a harassment and should be reported to the police.


02038075634 or +442038075634

vargheese babu commented 07/06/2018
this number to day call my mobile calling ,i dint under stand


02008626660 or +442008626660

r commented 06/06/2018
stange caller, just one signal after called back