Fixed phone number in Skelmersdale Lancashire England UK +441695770403 or 01695770403


Charles Bows commented 15/05/2019
A female recorded voice purporting to be from BT Broadband came on our telephone wanting to inform us of the fact that they were having problems with the Broadband connection to our house! I was somewhat taken aback by this since we don't have a broadband from BT. Instead we've chosen to go with a wireless broadband package from Quickline which I would thoroughly recommended to anyone who is having problems with BT/Openreach as there Broadband provider. This leads me on to my next point, why is no one doing anything to prevent these calls from being made in the first instance? Clearly that is what the Telephone Preference Service was set up to do. Clearly they aren't up to the job, this is the 2nd call today that we have received. Surely enough is enough.

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